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Dem pollster says GOP voters will get 'pissed off' at Trump over slow-moving border wall construction

Democratic pollster Pia Nargundkar said in an interview that aired Thursday on Hill.TV's "What America's Thinking" that Republican voters are going to start getting "pissed off" with President Trump over the delayed process of getting his long-promised southern border wall built. "We're one month into the national emergency, and nothing has really happened," Nargundkar, a senior associate at ALG Research, told host Jamal Simmons on Wednesday. "I think Republican voters are going to start to get pissed off that nothing is happening. They elected this guy to get change done, they're not seeing that change," she continued. "What was the point?" Trump declared a national emergency at the southern border last month as a means of securing funding for the border wall. However, he has faced pushback from members of his own party, with many Republicans accusing Trump of circumventing Congress's spending authority. The House voted 245-182 to overturn the emergency declaration late last


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